Here are some actions you can take to incorporate Good Wood into your work:



  • Ensure you have a comprehensive management plan in place that takes the many values of forest ecosystems, such as soil quality and wildlife habitat, into account
  • Vet the firms you work with to make sure they’re ethical toward the forest ecosystem and to their employees.
  • Consider growing more than one species for harvest, such as hardwoods like red alder, bigleaf maple, and Oregon white oak
  • Leave some areas of the forest on your property intact as wildlife conservation areas


  • Implement actions that support forest ecology above and beyond minimum required regulations, including leaving snags, distributing slash, larger riparian buffers, etc
  • Integrate best practices for protecting soil and reducing erosion during and after operations
  • Work with loggers to adhere to these ecologically-minded practices


  • Ensure that your mill is able to process and track local or certified wood
  • Source your wood supply locally when feasible
  • Consider ways to engage with forest owners in your wood basket area


  • Source wood that is ethically grown and harvested
  • Sell your pieces with their origin story
  • Use the right wood for the right purpose
  • Help educate consumers about the importance of wood supply


  • Investigate the source of your wood-based materials
  • Make clients aware of local sourcing options; discuss the trade-offs in sustainability vs aesthetics (e.g., tight-knot vs CVG, juniper vs cedar)
  • Default to the more sustainable option in the absence of a specific discussion with your client
  • Use wood in ways that highlight its story


  • Incorporate a good wood statement piece with a story in your home
  • Ask for locally harvested or certified wood when making home improvements
  • Educate yourself on the externalities associated with using different types of wood, including CVG wood and quarter-sawn oak
  • Consider cost and impact with equal weight
BLA members walking through the woods


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