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September 2020

Video: A Good Wood Celebration

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The Build Local Alliance presents A Good Wood Celebration – stories of local wood from the Pacific Northwest, grown, crafted and placed. Hear inspiring stories through the eyes of a local woodland owner, a sawmill owner, a furniture maker, and an architect from a design-build firm. Each has their own answer to the question, “What is Good Wood to you?”

Our panel of speakers includes –

  • Ben Deumling – Zena Forest Products
  • David Maeley – Milwaukie Hardwoods, Urban Trees to Lumber
  • Ken Vetterick – Ken Vetterick Woodworking, Fine Furniture
  • Ben Hayes – Hyla Huts, From Forest to Frame
  • Nathan Dinihanian – Dinihanian Furniture
  • Laura Squillace – Green Hammer Design-Build

Good Wood Statement of Values

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The Build Local Alliance Good Wood Statement

Whether you are a forester, consumer, or somewhere in between, we believe it is important to consider what Good Wood means to you. We believe that the decision of what is “responsibly grown” wood is best made by the informed individual and respectfully explored through constructive discussion.

The values outlined below are considerations we believe are critically important when considering what Good Wood means to you and your community. 

Good Wood Statement of Values