The wood we need from the forests of home

The wood we need from the forests of home


The Build Local Alliance is a community catalyst drawing together and supporting people, businesses, and organizations committed to connecting “good” wood from local forests with local projects.  Our mission is to improve the vitality of local forests and related human communities by connecting local, responsibly grown and processed wood with local projects.  We are a 501c3 organization governed by a volunteer board.


All are welcomed and encouraged to participate in BLA activities. We specifically aim to serve and support all parts of the local wood chain, including forest owners and managers, millers and processors, distributors, designs, makers, and end users.


We use four main activities to advance our mission

Annual “Pieces of Eight” celebrations of remarkable and inspiring projects
Our “Into the Woods” workshops are offered regularly throughout the region
Forest hikes provide regular opportunities to explore a wide range of interesting forests
Evening Forums challenge us to explore questions that are central to the future of local forests and the good wood that they provide

All activities aim to educate, connect, inspire, celebrate, facilitate, and encourage exploration.

We believe that the decision of what is “responsibly grown” wood is best made by the informed individual.  Diverse perspectives are respectfully explored through constructive discussion.


Our focus is the area of NW Oregon and SW Washington that is delineated by a line connecting Astoria, Mt. Adams, the South Sister, Florence, and Astoria.


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Since 2005 the BLA has effectively and creatively worked to fulfill its mission.  Activities and resources have facilitated connections, learning, and discussions that have contributed to hundreds of successful projects throughout the region.  Both forests and related communities are stronger because of the market connections that continue to be made. Tax deductible donations and offers of volunteer help are essential and appreciated; please contact to learn more.


The Build Local Alliance Directory connects you to businesses that can help you achieve your goals.

Requests for inclusion in the directory may be sent to:


The BLA has suspended in-person activities during the pandemic. 

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A Walk in the Woods: Farming Carbon in the Forest on Saturday, August 24, 2019, near Corbett, Oregon

Pieces of Eight Celebration – May 9, 2019 at Migration Brewing in Portland, OR

Check out the videos from the Good Wood talks

Into the Woods Workshop – March 23, 2019 at OSU Extension’s Tree School in Oregon City, OR

Forest Hikes

Check out our October 2018 hike to the Valley of the Giants


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